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Drew & Tracey Cope
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She took calculus... in college... for fun... to boost her GPA.

When my husband explains why I took up tutoring, I wish he'd leave that statement out. However, as much as I dislike the phrase, it does describe my love for math, and more importantly my love for teaching it. My enthusiasm for math started in high school in "Mr. A's" 9th grade Algebra II class. I'd always enjoyed math, but Mr. Arsenault brought it to life. As a sophomore, I went on to take geometry, then trigonometry & finally calculus during my senior year. It seemed natural to add calculus to my college course load when I was a few elective credits short. After taking my college calculus class & receiving a 92% for the semester, I signed up as a teaching assistant for two additional semesters in order to help other students. Since graduating with my B.A. from Eastern University, I have begun substitute teaching for schools in Southern Chester County. It is
my desire to take that same passion that Mr. Arsenault shared with me, and pass it along to your student... not just so that they can pass their class, but more importantly, to develop a true love for learning in your child and to help them learn to enjoy using their math skills as a vitally important aspect of everyday life.

Tracey Cope - Math Tutor

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Tracey is available for one-time, weekly & bi-weekly in-home or after-school tutoring sessions.
Tracey specializes in Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, & Calculus.
She is also available to help improve Elementary Math skills.
Contact her for more information. 484-758-0008
Students are accepted at the 4th-12th grade levels.

Avon Grove School District

Oxford Area School District

Kennett Consolidated School District

Solanco School District

Red Clay Consolidated School District

Unionville Chadds Ford School District

Drew & Tracey received their Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry from Eastern University in 2001 & 2004.

We minister with the Ground Zero Youth Ministry and Cross Fire / Image Quest.