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Drew & Tracey Cope
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RSVP to Tracey & Drew’s 5 year anniversary party
on Sunday, May 10th 2009
The favor of a reply is requested as soon as possible.

Because you have shared in our lives, by your friendship and your love, we’d like you to join us, for this day of celebration, when Drew and Tracey reflect on the past 5 years. Two lives, two hearts, joined together in friendship united forever with Christ in love and purpose. You are invited to come and celebrate our 5-Year Anniversary at a barbeque. The barbeque will be outdoors. Carpooling is encouraged, as we have limited driveway parking, however there is an open field a half mile up the road that we can shuttle in from if we run out of space. Pray for great weather so that we can enjoy our time outside. You are invited to join us on Sunday, May 10th, 2009. The festivities will begin at 1:30, however, you may show up as early as 12:30 to help set up. We might quit around 5ish, or if the weather is good, we might sit around the campfire till 10. Who knows?? You will probably want to bring a lawn chair with you, we have a few, but not enough for everyone. We're thinking about a few yard games, and we might light the bonfire and do Smores or Puggies.

Drew and Tracey Cope      

We can't wait for the festivities to get started!   You can expect of us total.
Sorry, we won’t be able to make it (afterall, it's Mother's day), but we send our best.
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If you have any problems or questions using this form, please send e-mail to Drew.

Drew & Tracey received their Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry from Eastern University in 2001 & 2004.

We minister with the Ground Zero Youth Ministry and Cross Fire / Image Quest.